Organize your Sewing Space with These Tips

Whatever your hobby might be, you would want to have your own personal space where you can freely do what you want to anytime. That is why it is ideal that you arrange for a sewing space where you will not only stock your supplies and fat quarters but also do your craft away from distraction.


Your sewing space does not have to be huge although it would not hurt if you have as much area to allow for it. Especially if this is merely a hobby, you simply need a corner where you can place your fat quarters and other fabrics, your sewing machine, and other things. Just make sure that it is organized properly. Here are some tips:

Tip #1: Make the room. If you have a spare room in your house, even if it is just a small one, assign it as officially your sewing and crafts room. If there is no available room, find an ideal spot in your home, whether it is at a corner of your living room area or your own bedroom, and count it as one. Again, it does not have to be very spacious but it must have enough room for your sewing kits, fat quarters, and others.

Tip #2: Place your Elna sewing machines in a spot where you will have enough elbowroom to move freely. It would be difficult to sew in a tight spot. The spaces on both sides must be free.

Tip #3: Find a suitable cabinet. This will serve as an amazing organizer for your supplies. Depending on your skill level and your interest in sewing, your sewing things might go from a few to too many. You must have a suitable storage for your fabrics, needles, threads, and others to maintain their quality and protect them from getting lost or damaged.

Getting into the hobby of sewing is fantastic. You can create many things and get into different crafting products that if you take it seriously, you can market for added income. Apart from making sure that you have a proper room to be able to do what you need to do, you must also be sure that you also have the right supplies. You may start on sewing machines for beginners, then, you may start choosing and sticking up different types of fabrics that will allow you to create different things based on your interests, whether it is quilts, dresses, and others.

Whether as a hobby or a job, you can now find sewing tools and accessories online. Check out

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