Representation and Services Industry – Thanks God they’re Here!

Representation and Services Company renders help to businesses where it needs help. In construction, individuals who want to enter the field through construction skills attend classes such as carpentry apprentice paid by contractors while simultaneously employed by the paying contractor. This is what apprenticeship program is in construction and in other industries including health services.  The apprenticeship program is usually handled by local council and composed of members of related industries such as constructions. In some aspect whereas the local council cannot handle apprenticeship programs, it has the authority in delegating the duty and accredits companies providing representation and services to the member industries.


Part of apprenticeship program is on the job training providing practical learning and a carpentry apprentice is paid while in the program. The classroom training on the other hand, provides related technical education. The length of the program is usually dependent on the trade requirements. Accredited apprenticeship providers offer different trade apprenticeship programs and workers with apprentice certificate are employed on projects based on their trade skills throughout Australia.

Accredited training and certification institutions trained and certified competent workers as compliance to OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration before they can erect, dismantle, handle and move or alter scaffolding. Constructions with elevated platform ensure workers are with such certification before they can enter their workforce. A carpentry apprentice is employed as competent worker only after completion of the program and after passing certification training. Skilled workers are tested by their skills and are given work progress certification for the skills level before they can be promoted in supervision level.

Representation services on the other hand provide services to help business meets business requirements. It includes accounting, reporting, human resources, representation and legal services. They help decrease barriers in business transactions and lessen the burden on business. They help businesses facilitate good business relationship to clients and related businesses. In constructions, contractors are required of builders contract on all building projects whether small bathroom renovation or building two-storey building. The contract should be workable and watertight to avoid disputes and as protection for both builders and clients. A legal representation service company provides such services to small and independent contractors and helps them provide warranty over the quality of their workmanship. Small startups can also seek business coaching to service provider companies dealing with business coaching and executive training for CEO and potential leaders in an organization.

Helping an industry is the core of representation and services industry. They provide positive support in improving and facilitating effectiveness in the industry’s setting. And for this alone, every industry is glad they’re here and they can’t be thankful enough.

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