Take The Tour to Kangaroo Island Now!

Looking for a memorable trip for you and your family these coming holidays? Go and book your holiday at a Kangaroo Island accommodation, one of the best but oft-overseen holiday destinations in South Australia. In fact, it is so isolated and unknown that even few Australians have been there.

kangaroo-beach-relaz1This private retreat kangaroo island is not just home to kangaroos, but also to other wildlife like sea lions, seals, koalas and pelicans. Not to mention, the wonderful beaches and other interesting rock formations that can be viewed in this isolated paradise.

This island is surprisingly big (155 kilometers long and 55 kilometers wide), offering guests lots of options when it comes to Kangaroo Island accommodation, but also a lot of scenic destinations for families to enjoy. From cliffs, bushlands, wetlands, and even sand dunes towering high over your heads, there are wonderful places that might feel out of this world.

Going to the Kangaroo beach Island is possible by ferry and even by flying. There are also options for hiring a car once you get to the island. In fact, with 1,600 kilometers of roads leading to several townships in the island, it is the easiest and most convenient way to see all that the island has to offer. Having your own car allows you to also search for unknown corners and beaches that you can enjoy on your own.

For those who prefer to take a tour, there are many options available by asking your Kangaroo Island accommodation, and are designed based on your interests, too. There are main tours that show you the highlights of the island and there are also ones that will cater to wildlife fanatics.

Fans of extreme sports can also find tours that will make your pulse race with excitement, as well as more relaxed ones for those who are into food and vineyards. Many activities like boating, fishing, bush walking and others can also be enjoyed by you and your family.

Of course, do not forget to enjoy the unspoiled wildlife of the city, which has survived largely unscathed by introduction of foreign species. Therefore, local animal and bird populations have survived and thrived in the island. Also, around one-third of the island is considered conservation lands or wildness protection areas that aim to keep the environment solely for these wild life species that they may always be able to live in the wild, as they were meant and preferred to be.

So, make sure to include an exclusive holiday Kangaroo Island  in your travel bucket list and have the time of your lives!

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