Understanding The Importance of Document Shredding

In today’s highly technological world, securing your information is a must. Even though storage and sharing of information is done online, most businesses are still dependent on paper for their daily operations. Investing on balers in the office is not only an effective but also practical way of securing information. When a document is left unsecured, sensitive information can go out in the open. Let us take a look at the importance of document shredding in your office.

Enhanced Security


Documents may contain sensitive information about your business so it is important that you secure them. This is where having a document shredder like balers can come in handy. They help secure your information and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Compliance and Legal Obligations                                           

Businesses are legally bound to destroy certain documents for the protection of client privacy. Even if your business is not legally obligated, it is still wise to shred documents. After all, they serve as office clutter as well.

Paper Waste Management

Balers provide your business with more options for handling paper waste. Recycled shredded paper can be useful for packing in shipments instead of Styrofoam. They can also be used as a compost material. There is a tendency for many companies to just do away with their old documents and just throw it in the bin. This is an unsecured way of disposing of documents. It also invites fraudulent activities to happen.

Prevents Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

With everything happening online nowadays, we tend to set our minds on securing digital information. Often, we overlook printed documents, which could also put sensitive information at risk. Identity theft and credit card fraud can also happen on printed documents. Thus, it is worth investing on paper shredders for business security.

Disposing Receipts

One of the biggest sources of identity theft is the transaction receipt. We all tend to leave grocery and ATM receipts in the garbage bin. Even if they no longer contain the entire card number, they can still contain valuable information for identity thieves and credit card fraudsters. For this reason, you need to dispose of them securely through shredding.

The bottom line is that we need to protect sensitive information for the security of your business and customers.  With untha shredders, you can dispose of documents safely and properly without having to bring them to another location. Now more than ever, with data breach and other information-related crimes rampant, protecting your information is a must.

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